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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Awesome INSTANT Beach Day Prank Surprise

Prankster and Magician Rich Ferguson, with the help of Beach Butlerz, created an awesome beach day for numerous and unsuspecting beach goers!

Rich approached people on the beach in various ways and kept their attention forward as a team of a dozen people secretly set up a camp for them! From getting "fined" to taking an awfully painful "survey," people were stoked and relieved to find out they were actually being prank and being treated like kings and queens for the day!

Check out Beach Butlerz the next time YOU come out to the Central Coast! THANKS to all of the Beach Butlerz staff and friends for helping to give people a truly magical and rare beach experience! THANKS to all the awesome tourists and locals we met that day and gave smiles to! 

This was filming in Pismo Beach, California. It took two trucks and a trailer of equipment, two separate days to film, weeks or preparation and a lot of volunteers to rock out random people on the beach and give them the most AWESOME BEACH DAY EVER!:)

Feel free to follow prankster Rich Ferguson on YouTube if you have not already!
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Have a magical day!

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