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Friday, August 29, 2014

Stealing TIP Money Prank with a Happy Ending

Ever wanted to PRANK the person at a register? In this social experiment, it seems, at first, this guy is serious... but it turned out just fine!

We've all seen the tip jar next to the register. How much do you put in? What if you need a penny? What if you need a quarter... or a few bucks? Where do you draw the line?

In this prank and social experiment, Rich Ferguson makes people believe he is so bold and LAME as to take out their tips and PAY FOR HIS FOOD! Meanwhile, they miss the cash-filled envelope right in front of them.

The point is that it sometimes takes some shock to get people's attention and to appreciate what is actually being done for them;) Of course, placing some tips without their knowledge is the normal thing to do, but how you gonna get reactions from that!? These looks are priceless...

Enjoy this harmless and jaw-dropping video... that's NOT what you think;)

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