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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

REVERSE Homeless Experiment

A social experiment about giving and human behavior... What would YOU do if a homeless person offered you money? This is what was tested is this public experiment.

Magician Rich Ferguson came up with a duel meaning message and experiment and had Erik Jones (JoneseyTime) pose as a homeless man. By the way, Erik had recently done a Santa donation public service prank and had the wild hair for the homeless prank and experiment.

What was fascinating in this first video is the fact that kids seemed to SEE immediately that the homeless man was offering money, while adults were obviously conditioned to only see and hear something negative. Additionally, it was interesting that after an entire day of filming people take and give money, the pranksters ended up with nearly the exact same amount of money they started with... In the end, the good and bad, the needy and good-hearted balanced out. All is good.

As a follow up to this amazing social experiment, the guys did an intriguing Reverse Homeless PRANK too! Imagine sitting on a bench enjoying the day and a homeless guy hands you a few bucks and says, "Here you go. I know what it's like to be homeless.... too." Subtle, intelligent humor at it's best. Enjoy.

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