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Monday, April 6, 2015

Homeless Man Pays for Parking : Human Kindness Prank

What if a homeless man asked you, "Got Change?" then proceeded to PAY for your parking? This prank and social experiment video opens some eyes. It's amazing that if you give a little kindness, you'll get a whole lot more back.

In this unique social experiment, prankster/magician Rich Ferguson utilized a friend Erik Jones to execute another play on words type prank based on kindness, awareness and preconceived notions.

It's interesting to see that nearly everyone treated Erik as someone invisible and consistently told him they had "no money." However, after they are treated to parking and truly understood the question, "Got Change?" was directed to them and their needs, they lit up and truly LOOKED at Erik for the first time.

What was not shown in the video was the number of vehicles pulling into the empty parking spots, noticing Erik with a "Got Change?" sign then pulling right back out. Most of us just do not want to be bothered, harassed, solicited... we get it. What else was not shown were people hiding their belongings when they looked up and saw Erik outside their vehicle! We hope that approach, human kindness and not judging a book by it's cover prevailed in the message here.

Please enjoy the video and share it with everyone you know.

Feel free to follow prankster Rich Ferguson on YouTube if you have not already!
Learn more about how Rich is involved with at-risk youth at

Have a magical day!


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