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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pranking Airport TSA Security! Are you CRAZY?

Pranking Airport Security!? Are you crazy!? That's exactly what magician and prankster Rich Ferguson did at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

How can you pull of a public prank regarding "reporting suspicious activity" at an airport without being arrested? You see, there's "stupid edgy" pranks and there's "smart edgy" pranks...  "Stupid edgy" pranks put people in harm without any care, understanding or appreciation for people's safety or feelings. "Smart edgy" are pranks that appear to being going in an extreme direction, but have a twist that makes people smile, empowered or aware... and always leave them stoked to have been pranked in the first place.

This is the perfect prank. What had happened is the entire Chicago airport was shut down due to extreme weather. A plane that morning even had it's nose blown off by lightening but luckily landed safely. Some people had nowhere to go for over 28 hours. Thousands of people were stranded and upset but it didn't stop magician Rich Ferguson from making the most of it and bringing smiles to people's faces in what looked like one heck of a risky prank. This prank also helps put into perspective some issues pertaining to air travel. It's worth a look and definitely worth sharing.

Watch as airport TSA security and airline workers assume they are about to be hit with intel that involved something suspicious or dangerous... just to be tricked into a magical experience instead! You can see the tension release on the faces and the pure joy created:

Feel free to follow prankster Rich Ferguson on YouTube if you have not already!

Have a magical day!

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