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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


RiskyRobTV created a wonderful video that pays a little respect and support to those LIVING in the hood by asking the question, "What's Good in the Hood!?" Prankster Rich Ferguson has worked in a unique collaboration to share this video. Please enjoy and share the message.

Besides the heartfelt message in the video, we felt this needed to be shared because of the direct link to "prank" videos. Very often, when you see a prank video that is not in the "hood," you'll see comments below it such as, "Do it in the hood!" What people are referring falls into two categories. One, the great reactions seemingly expected by people of color. Come on, you know it's often true! There's a spirit that comes out culturally not found in the average white person when dealing with pranks, magic or shocking entertainment. I'm sure there's many factors, but I've found it clearly to be the case. Two, screwing around or harassing those generally in less fortunate environments, fighting, fake and general violent "pranks." I'm a fan of the first and not a fan of the second. We agree that doing pranks in the hood CAN indeed be a goldmine for reactions, as long as there some respect and reasoning for it. All that said, here's a nice look into the hood by those that LIVE there.

One man said, "You need to show more good than bad... then that way, the people that looking at the good want to do good. If you show bad... what are they gonna follow? They're gonna follow bad. We gotta get away from that! You know, and bring a positive outlook to the hood! A positive reach! A positive goal!... God gave us all choices... right or wrong..."

Another had this perspective, "This generation of young people that's here [in the hood] ... just look at them in another 50 years from now and see where they're gonna be at because they are wakening up! I think this generation is going to do tremendous things."

We think this video is tremendous. Thanks for watching.

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