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Friday, January 15, 2016

Winner in Record Powerball Lotto!

It's Record Powerball Lotto Fever!!  If you came to get your $100 Bill, see below!

Yep, life is good... Lotto or not. So, maybe you have seen the videos and posts with me and my wife winning the lotto? If not, here's a fun video for you:

 I will also say there's 23 clues and "easter eggs" that should have let you realize the "legitimateness" of this "interview." Regardless, I CLEARLY state I will give a $100 BILL to anyone that shares the posts or videos. I'm a man of my word...

For those coming here to get the $100 BILL, here you go! Feel free to DOWNLOAD the full size BILL here. Thank you so much for accepting this $100 BILL. It will really help me out a lot! Remember, so not send cash! LOL.

Be sure to follow or subscribe to us on YouTube for Epic, Original Pranks, Magic and Comedy:   Share my YouTube page with everyone you know and I will give YOU a $100 BILL!!!!

Still not sure if I won or not? I can say that "I AM a winner in the Record Powerball Lotto." We got a the Powerball number and got $4. Boom. Here's wishing the best of fortune and luck to you all next time. Now back to work for me too;(

This has been a very interesting Social Experiment as there has been a tremendous amount of people coming forward asking for money and help. Many of which have been friendly and kind... many have also been forward and rude. I've even received texts from casual friends from years past directly asking for large sums of money... no formalities, just direct! It's been wild. I can not imagine the press on real massive winners that EVERYONE knows truly won. Wild. Much more to follow regarding this topic.

So congrats to those that spotted or assumed it was fake right away… for some others, it’s not because you are gullible, you were mislead… and just have a positive outlook, kind hearts and most importantly WANT TO BELIEVE it was real… just like a good magic trick! So thank you for being awesome.

Clues that it was fake:
1. The video was up within an hour of the numbers drawn! Obviously a pre-made video.
2. The numbers on the fortune cookie pictured at the start were exactly the order in which the numbers were drawn by the lotto and shared on TV.
3. The news guy was very fake looking on the green screen and very fake studio in background.
4. Three winners were announced, there was no single BILLIONAIRE winner.
5. There is not a chance in a million someone would take the time to IMMEDIATELY upload YouTube or Facebook videos if something this massive happened in life.
6. There’s no chance someone would have come out publicly that fast and risk being robbed or hounded!
7. The jackpot was 1.6 Billion, not 1.5 Billion.
8. The news anchor is not reacting to my comments (pre-recorded). Obviously, they are just spliced together.
9. NetCast News is not real.
10. 85% of ALL possible winning numbers were chosen, not 75% as shared by the “news.”
11. Skype is NEVER that dang clear!! It was better than the news room! LOL!
12. If we turned in our ticket to the lotto office like I said, how did I hold it up during the video?!
13. The fortune slip I held up in the video was not the same in the picture and you can kinda see the numbers are wrong… as I printed the fake fortune myself later and took that picture with my wife way after the video was made… I had to wait for the REAL numbers to come in. The numbers in the video slides were easily added, then we uploaded it as the video was already done.
14. Photo credit says it was from Japan Times. Obviously not, that’s the line at the California/Nevada boarded.
15. I was apparently on a Skype interview the SAME NIGHT as the lotto drawing… yet, my wife and I already made it across state to the (closed) Lotto office and came back home in time for a casual interview with an OUT OF COUNTRY “News Station”… Nope.
16. WHO would have just won hundreds of millions of dollars answer such stupid questions and act so “no big deal” about it!?
17. Unless that’s the narrowest room in the world or I put my desk in the way, I’m not actually sitting at my desk when I say “I have the tickets right here on my desk.” My desk can slightly be seen behind me as I’m pretty close to the end of the room as it is acing AWAY from my desk. The tickets were actually on my lap. I faced this way because the room was messy. LOL.
18. You can SEE the “news anchor” READING a script of sorts.
19. I mention that “That’s exactly how you found me…” referring to the new show finding me because we went to the Lotto Office. Impossible. I highly doubt they are notifying the news! I’d also think local news or US news would be more likely to have been notified or got the tip;)
20. Talking about the logistics of how we are having problems with out banks and the lotto office because of the sum of money… again, this video was released within an HOUR of the numbers drawn… It takes DAYS to get this process going, find a lawyer, create an LLC, etc.
21. At the start of the video, why are we holding the fortune/numbers we picked and being excited… we should be holding the LOTTO TICKET!
22. At the end, I promise to give everyone a $100 BILL. Anyone familiar with my channel has seen me do the $100 BILL prank before! You know, a BILL, like you owe me!! However, if this was not a prank, nobody would EVER EVER EVER EVER come out first instant and offer people money for something as small as sharing a video!! They’d have other problems to deal with;)
23. Most importantly, the video was a video ON A PRANK CHANNEL for God’s sakes!! :)

What other clues did you spot that made you realize it had to be fake? I;m sure there’s more. I’d LOVE to hear what you saw.

I just want to say thanks for letting me goof around with you. Some not subscribed to me asked WHY did I do this? Was this just publicity? Yes and no… I make PRANKS for God’s sake! I run a prank channel! Why would you expect anything else? The more publicity I get, the more popular my channel, the more subscribers I get, THE BETTER I CAN SERVE and afford to make higher quality pranks for you, my subscribers! It’s just a prank video on a prank channel. Expect it! Geez, the biggest lotto in WORLDS history, I had to do SOMETHING with it! Right!? Well, you all are awesome. Thanks for messing around with me! See you next week with something new.

In the end, it’s fun to daydream about having a billion dollars handed to you.. but we need to be happy and grateful for life and what we have. Looking forward to more pranks and fun.

See you next week with more pranks.

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Have a magical day!

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