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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Texting and Driving Scare Prank Challenge

Texting and driving... OMG LOL WTF!!!

I'll be the first to admit I can not stand it when I'm driving and look over and see people of all ages NOT watching the road! You'd think that EVERYONE would have gotten the message by now that it takes less than a glance away from the road to kill someone or yourself. What's more annoying, irresponsible and endangering is that MOST of these people could have ASKED their phone to read their messages.... messages that could most certainly wait the few minutes until they stopped driving. Very sadly, I also have to admit I was guilty of texting and driving in years past. It was a very short lived experience.

It's not just drivers that are a problem. People walking mindlessly, face-deep in electronic gadgets cause traffic issues as well. It's not just cell phones that are a problem. It's the carelessness and distraction we let into our scope of driving... things like food, paperwork, pets, make-up, drinks and more while we should be 100% focused on ensuring we do kill someone or hurt ourselves. I'm sorry, I do not find it cute or funny to see several dogs running around the lap of a driver who is now very limited on turning, timing, freedom and focus. I don't find it cute to see a girl juggling make-up in the mirror while driving. I don't find it a smart and efficient use of time when someone is doing office work while driving. I do not find it appetizing to see a driver with a drink in one hand, a burger in the other and fries wedged between the knees. Let's not forget the endless JUNK on some people's dashboard that reflect and distract on the glass and shift when turning... causing the driver to reach for falling items. It's one of the main causes of accidents related to turns. I'll quit ranting now as I'm currently driving and typing this on my little phone... it's difficult to see what I'm typing. JK

Here's our small part at trying to reach people with humor and pranks. Texting and driving is stupid, enjoy this video.

Be SURE to SHARE it with EVERYONE you know... teens and adults alike!

For those prepared to post saying we were more dangerous than texting and driving... or that filming while driving is worse than texting... Know that we took very specific moments with lack of traffic to yell at people, otherwise they were nearly parked. Know that our driver simply drove. We recorded with spyglasses. All is good in the world. It's kind of part of the process, to put ourselves in harms way bit to make the point.

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