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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Top Holiday Gift Gag PRANKS

It's the holiday gift buying season... and time to PRANK people with GAG GIFTS and FOOD PRANKS!!

We thought we'd share an easy way to access some free pre-done printable for your holiday gift PRANKS!

(MORE Top 10 Holiday Gift Prank Videos Coming Soon!)

Download the FREE, FULL SIZE Printable Pranks here:
Elf/SnowMan/Reindeer POOP
Melted Snowman
Air Guitar Strings
iBlow Electricity FREE Hair Dryer
Batteries-Toy Not Included
Candy Cane Puzzle
Candy Corn Bowling Kit
Stress Relief Gag
World's Hardest Puzzle
Miley "Wrecking Ball" Ornament Prank

Here's a preview below. Watch the video for full details and many other fun ideas!

Please pass these pranks and videos onto your friends! Thanks!

Feel free to follow prankster Rich Ferguson on YouTube if you have not already!

Have a magical day!

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